How to Add Custom GPTs to Instagram DMs

Integrating advanced AI like Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) into Instagram DMs can significantly enhance interaction and automation capabilities, especially for tasks like customer support and lead generation.

A YouTube tutorial by Liam Ottley provides a step-by-step guide on this integration, making it accessible even for those without extensive coding knowledge.

Overview of the Integration Process

The process involves connecting custom GPTs to Instagram, enabling automation of Direct Messages (DMs). This integration can transform Instagram into a powerful sales channel, automating key tasks and enhancing business efficiency.

Key Components for Integration

  1. Assistants API from OpenAI: The core of the GPT model.
  2. Replit: An online development environment to host and run code.
  3. MiniChat: Used for creating and managing the automation flows in Instagram DMs.
  4. Airtable: For lead capture and management.

Step-by-Step Guide for Integration

  1. Setting up the Environment:
    • Fork and customize a template in Replit, which includes all necessary code and functions.
    • Modify the template with your specifics, like API keys from OpenAI and Airtable.
  2. Customizing the GPT Model:
    • Adjust the knowledge base, prompting, and tools to suit your specific use case.
    • Upload your customized knowledge base document to Replit.
    • Modify the assistant’s instructions and tools as required.
  3. Implementing Airtable for Lead Capture:
    • Set up an Airtable base for capturing leads.
    • Modify the Replit template to include your Airtable API key and the base’s URL.
  4. Deploying the Custom GPT on Instagram via MiniChat:
    • Use the MiniChat template provided in the tutorial to create an Instagram DM automation.
    • Customize the MiniChat flow to trigger based on specific keywords or actions.
    • Implement a loop mechanism in MiniChat to handle API response timeouts effectively.
  5. Testing and Refinement:
    • Conduct thorough testing by interacting with the Instagram DMs to ensure the GPT model responds correctly.
    • Monitor the outputs and refine the setup for optimal performance and accuracy.

Demonstrated Use Case

The tutorial showcases a live demonstration where the GPT model effectively handles queries about a program, providing detailed responses and capturing leads. This example illustrates the potential of custom GPTs in automating interactions and gathering valuable customer information.


Integrating custom GPT models into Instagram DMs, as demonstrated in Liam Ottley’s tutorial, opens up a new avenue for businesses to automate and enhance their social media interactions. By following the outlined steps and leveraging platforms like Assistants API, Replit, MiniChat, and Airtable, one can create a sophisticated AI-driven communication system on Instagram, capable of handling complex queries and improving customer engagement.