Android Guru

Android Guru is a specialized GPT model designed for those interested in Android development, with a particular focus on Jetpack Compose and UI development. This tool serves as an expert Android teacher, guiding users through the nuances of modern Android UI development techniques and best practices. Jetpack Compose, being a modern toolkit for building native … Read more


Grimoire is an innovative GPT model designed as a “Coding Wizard” for developers, offering a unique approach to website creation and programming. This tool is especially suited for a new era of creativity, blending traditional coding with intuitive, prompt-based interactions. It is ideal for developers and creative professionals who are looking for a more dynamic … Read more

WP Plugin Architect GPT

WP Plugin Architect is a specialized GPT model designed to assist in the creation of WordPress plugins. This tool is particularly valuable for web developers and WordPress enthusiasts who are looking to develop custom plugins for their websites or clients. The model is adept at writing fully functioning WordPress plugins while adhering to best practices … Read more

Code Mentor GPT

Code Mentor is a custom GPT model designed to serve as a friendly coding expert, specializing in Python, JavaScript, and cloud technologies. This tool is an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced programmers who are seeking guidance, tips, and best practices in these popular and widely-used technologies. The model’s expertise in Python and JavaScript … Read more